2017 Rockefeller Christmas Tree

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The Rockefeller Center Christmas arrived around 8am Saturday morning from State College, Pennsylvania stated CBS New York reports.

The beautiful Norway spruce stands 75’ tall and roughly 50’ in diameter. It is set to be decorated with more than 50,000 LED lights on around 5 miles of wire and topped with a 25,000-crystal Swarovski star.

The tree was discovered when Rockefeller Center’s gardener Eric Jose attended a football game in State College seven years ago. The 80-year-old softwood towered over school superintendent Jason Perrin’s backyard until it was cut down on Thursday.


“I have to be honest, when Eric first knocked on my door, I didn’t believe him,” Perrin said of the moment he met Pauze in 2010. “After I figured out it wasn’t a prank, Erik told me my tree looked like it was tall and wide enough, and full enough, and he thought that in a few years it might be ready to be the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.” “Close to a million people are going to see it on a daily basis,” Perrin said. “It kind of blows my mind in a way.”


The 12.5-ton tree, which grew 10 feet since Pauze first saw it, is nearly 50 feet wide.

He says he’s now focused on putting the gargantuan spruce into position for the big day.

The 85th Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony will take place on Nov. 29, and the tree will light up the plaza until Jan. 7, 2018.


At the end of the season, the spruce will serve another important purpose as NBC will donate the tree to Habitat for Humanity so its lumber can be used to build homes.